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When laminate can get your flooring job done

Some homeowners prefer a floor covering with versatile characteristics, stunning good looks, and amazing functionality, all rolled into one material, and laminate flooring can be that one. Featuring stunning good looks, it’s an excellent complement to any decor while being durable enough to stand up to heavy traffic and the antics of all the residents of the home. What’s more, it’s easy to clean, simple to maintain, and you won’t break the bank purchasing or installing it. Overall, it has a great lifespan and should be ready for replacement by the time the trends have their next drastic change.

Ted's Floor & Decor serves the communities of Sachse, Garland, Wylie, Murphy, and Plano all from our showroom located in Sachse, TX. From there, our small, family-owned flooring store offers excellent floor coverings, superb service, and one-on-one browsing assistance to everyone who walks through our doors. We’ll always go the extra mile, matching you with the perfect materials for your project, and no project is too large or small. If you’re looking for expert advice for your flooring needs, be sure to stop in and find out how we can assist you today.

Laminate for so many spaces

Laminate flooring does an extraordinary job of mimicking natural resources such as stone, tile, and wood, so much so that even your guests may never know they’re not walking on the real thing. From the replication of actual grain patterns of solid wood to the grout lines found in real tile, you’ll love what this material can do for your home.
Modern laminate flooring in Wylie, TX from Ted's Floor & Decor
It’s perfect for living rooms, foyers, and hallways, creating a welcoming environment right away. But it’s also cozy enough to bring great enjoyment for more private spaces like bedrooms, studies, and kid’s rooms. With a water-resistant option, you can easily install laminate in kitchens and bathrooms without worrying about impending water damage. It isn’t entirely waterproof but it does give you plenty of time to take care of dampness, spills, and moisture before anything happens to create permanent damage.

Installing laminate really couldn’t be easier or quicker for your professional installation team. The boards or tiles simply click and lock together, creating a floating floor that can be installed over various subfloor materials or even some existing floor coverings such as wood or tile. If the familiar “click” of shoe heels is something you’d rather not deal with, you can also have an underlayment installed that removes this while also adding resilience and extra comfort.
Laminate floors are a very cost-effective way to get that wood look in your home. Laminate has a large selection of colors and designs to best suit your style. It is durable and low maintenance which makes it perfect for a busy family. It is easy to install so it is the best product for a do-it-yourself project. For an even more natural and rustic look, we offer simulated hand-scraped laminates as well.

Prices from $3.49 sq. foot.*
*Includes padding and installation.

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