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New carpet for all your important spaces

Carpet flooring is an excellent floor covering that can be used in a wide variety of spaces in your home. Welcoming and inviting in entry areas such as foyers and living rooms, it’s also comforting and versatile in private areas such as bedrooms and studies. What’s more, it comes in extensive appearances, allowing you great opportunities to match decor no matter what your style preferences. It’s also more durable than it has ever been and offers an great lifespan as well.

At Ted's Floor & Decor, our small family-owned flooring business brings more than 40 years of flooring experience to the table. We offer an exceptional line of floor coverings and materials, along with services such as installation, that can truly turn your flooring dreams into reality right before your eyes. You can speak with one of our knowledgeable flooring specialists when you visit the best carpet store in Sachse, TX, where they’ll be standing by, ready to assist you. We currently serve the communities of Sachse, Garland, Wylie, Murphy, and Plano, and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers as well.

Carpet offers excellence in flooring

Now, more than ever, carpet offers a breathtaking array of benefits that makes it a perfect choice for lots of spaces in your home. With an outstanding variety in solid colors, patterns, and designs, you can easily get just the look you want to match any decor you already have in place. In the case of a full remodel, you can even start with the perfect carpet install and build your look around it.
Luxury carpet in Sachse, TX from Ted's Floor & Decor
It’s even easier to get the perfect appearance when you know how colors work in specific settings. For instance, solid colors can go a long way in creating a specific ambiance. Light, bright colors tend to open smaller places up, making them appear larger and roomier while darker colors can draw a larger space in, creating a cozier area.

With carpet, durability is often a point of suspicion for homeowners who are used to the flooring of yesteryear. These days, there aren’t nearly as many issues, as manufacturing procedures have drastically changed. Stain protection, for instance, is now built right into the fibers of some flooring materials, leaving you with a material that resists stains, is easier to clean, and doesn’t become as dingy over time. You’ll even find options with special odor-resistant features in our carpet shop
Carpet floors are known for its comfort and simple elegance. It doesn’t produce noise when walked upon and it even acts as a sort of air filter for your home.

The maintenance of carpet, whether stain-resistant or tolerant to wear and tear, varies by brand.

Prices from $1.99 sq. foot.*

*Includes padding and carpet installation.

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