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What do I need to know about carpet pile?

pile is a general term to describe the fibers in your new carpeting. You'll also hear its associated words, such as height, density, and face weight.

Each term gives more information about the type of flooring you can expect. And it's important to understand as you start your shopping experience.

Carpet pile and you

When you hear about pile height, it means the height from the backing to the top of the fiber. There are many different lengths available, as you'll see.

For instance, a Berber product has a short pile height in general. But a luxurious shag carpet installation or Frieze flooring offers a much longer pile height.

What are carpet pile density and face weight?

The carpet pile density speaks to how tightly packed the yarns of carpeting are. But, again, there are formulas for figuring out specifics, and we can tell you more as you choose favorites.

The face weight measures how much the carpet weighs per square yard. This is measured in ounces, and residential pieces usually weigh 35 to 60 ounces in face weight.

Considering all your options

Choosing carpet flooring is easier when you can see them in person. Then, you'll see how specific numbers and ratings translate into real-life scenarios.

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