The best carpet flooring for staircases

The best carpet flooring for staircases

Many people choose hard surface flooring for staircases, but carpet could be your best choice. However, if your requirements dictate a soft, beautiful surface for this area, you should learn more about what this product could do for you.

With so many different types, you may wonder which carpeting is best for your stairs. Here are some facts that could help you move toward a fantastic solution.

Why carpet for stairs?

If you have pets or children, you may already know how they sound on hard surface flooring, and staircases are no different. Using carpet muffles the sound of footfall, voices, and play to give you a more peaceful ambiance in your home.

But the padding can also create a safer environment, with a stabler footing for all who go up or down the stairs. If this is determining factor in your choice, consider the various types of carpeting while you shop.

The best kind of carpet for stairs

Homeowners are often drawn to nylon Berber-type carpeting for their staircases for various reasons. First, nylon has a reputation for resilience, which means your carpet won’t crush as fast as other materials.

Second, Berber is looped carpeting, and it’s easier to clean because debris isn’t ground into the fibers as easily. We’ll share all your best options when you visit our carpet store. 

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