Have you considered custom stair runner installation?

Have you considered custom stair runner installation?

Carpet flooring is perfect for many different rooms and spaces because of its attributes and benefits. One of the best ways to use this material is on the stairs in the form of stair runners.

Stair runners serve various purposes, including protection for hard surface flooring and beautiful aesthetic results. Here are some facts about stair runner installation that makes excellent use of carpeting.

Why use carpet on stairs?

If you have hard surface staircases, such as solid hardwood or luxury vinyl, carpeting can protect the surface and cause them to last longer. Carpet installation on stairs also helps to absorb the noise of footfall, which makes a peaceful space if you have children or lots of activity.

Adding this material on these surfaces also increases the area's aesthetics with fiber types, colors, and textures. Again, look for trendy options that will keep you stylish and up-to-date for years.

Benefits of stair runners

In addition to protection and beauty, carpeted stair runners offer increased safety for children, the disabled, or elderly family members. They're less likely to allow slipping and falling but prevent injuries if they do happen on carpet flooring.

If you want to know more about stair runners and what they can do for your home, visit us at your convenience. We have all the information you need for the best results.

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