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Four facts about Berber carpet

You may have heard about Berber carpet and its many features, but you may also be new to that flooring product. If you've never lived with this flooring type, you may need to figure out what to expect in your home.

Understanding potential flooring materials is essential once you learn more about them. Here are four facts about Berber carpet that could serve you well during your shop.

1.      Very easy to clean
– Busy parents and pet owners know that easy-to-clean carpeting is highly regarded and sought-after. These floors offer a tight weave and stain resistance, making the flooring easier to care for than other carpet types.

2.      Durable
– With stain resistance, these floors have fewer fibers that come loose in heavy traffic and activity. It's one of the better options for flooring commercial spaces and high-traffic businesses.

3.      Mold resistant
– The tight weave and construction of this flooring mean it doesn't allow mold or mildew to grow. This benefit means the flooring will be more hypoallergenic, especially for bedroom use.

4.      Affordable
– Most Berber floors are cheap, as long as you aren't choosing wool fibers. Usually, you can floor most of your home with Berber from our carpet store more affordably than with some other materials.

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