Engineered wood flooring in a Sachse, TX kitchen

Does engineered hardwood work in kitchens?

In many homes, the kitchen is the house's centerpiece, with the engineered wood flooring you choose. This space is a great place to show off tons of visual appeal, and wood flooring is a great way to do it.

Certain everyday situations in the kitchen aren't common in other rooms, like humidity and spills. So here are some facts to help you choose the perfect engineered products for your kitchen.

How to confidently place engineered wood floors in the kitchen

You might worry about dampness and humidity and how they will mix with hardwood flooring. But you should know that engineered wood flooring is constructed differently than solid hardwood.

These materials feature a backing layer of perpendicularly laid plywood, which stands up well to damp conditions. The top layer is natural hardwood, but it’s topped with a sealant and finish of your choice, which protects well against spills and accidents.

Engineered flooring is an excellent choice for visual appeal

As a natural hardwood flooring, you can choose the species, color, texture, and installation layout that fits your interior décor best. Whitewashed wood and light stain colors are popular current trends that work with many décor schemes with engineered wood flooring.

Take the time to browse the many formats and installation choices, such as herringbone, chevron, and random-width installations. These add another layer of visual appeal that can keep you stylish and current for years.

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