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What do you need to know about carpets and textures?

Carpet flooring
could be the most significant addition to your home based on your needs. But a lot of the compatibility could depend on the floor's texture options.

Texture appeals to visuals and performance, so it's worth your while to find out more about it. It could be the determining factor in your flooring choice.

What carpet textures are available?

To get started towards your best results, you should first know about textures. Available options include:

  • Frieze

  • Shag

  • Saxony

  • Plush

  • Berber

  • Some textures are a more durable carpet installation than they are comfortable. And likewise, some are more comfortable than they are durable.

    Why do textures matter?

    The texture depends on features like twist and cut and affects how the flooring feels. Some carpet options, like plush choices, are velvety soft and very comfortable to walk on.

    But others cater more to a durable natural, such as Berber. This low pile cut is more compact for a longer-lasting product for almost any room in your home.

    Your lifestyle will dictate your need

    For homeowners with children, a softer textured carpet is often more called-for. But if you have pets, you might want to opt for something more durable.

    The good news is that consultants can help you choose the perfect fit no matter your need. And you can stop by anytime for a consultation.

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