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Waterproof flooring options for your kitchen

If there is ever a place for waterproof flooring, it's the kitchen. This room can take on wet footprints, spills, humidity, and more, so you need protection.

The busier the household, the more need for durable floors you have. Here are some waterproof options that will serve you well, especially over time.

Wood-look waterproof vinyl

With a wood look, it's easy to match many decor options, from rustic to modern. You'll get a wide range of colors, textures, and formats that make this room shine.

Trends are significant when you choose a wood look, with plenty of available options. And LVP flooring can keep you current longer, even if you change furnishings or decor schemes.

Stone-look waterproof flooring

A stone look can be rustic and formal, depending on your specific style and design. As with wood, you'll get unique colors and designs that create the look you want most.

Be sure to consider the look of marble and travertine, as both offer exciting patterns. And finish with a fantastic format that complements the look.

Tile-look waterproof vinyl flooring

With tile-look flooring, you get all the stunning visuals available in the real thing. Don't overlook waterproof flooring trends like Moroccan, Encaustic, and Arabesque tiles.

These looks lean heavily on lines, designs, and color, to create beautiful visuals. Take time to consider all the trendiest features when taking advantage of this look.

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