Is carpet a good hallway flooring choice?

Is carpet a good hallway flooring choice?

If you have a busy household, especially as a parent or pet owner, you may wonder if the carpet is better kept in low-traffic rooms. But the truth is, this material can be a fantastic addition, even to busy spaces like hallways and children’s rooms.

Carpet floors
have changed significantly over the years, and many beneficial additions are now available to busy homeowners. Here are some reasons why hallway carpeting is a better idea than ever.

Which carpeting is best for high traffic?

The best choice for carpeting high-traffic areas is a product with built-in stain and odor resistance, which guards against all kinds of daily wear. In addition, our carpet store offers excellent options that we can personalize to fit your specific needs.

Nylon can also be a good choice because it resists crushing with a high level of resilience. If you choose this product line, you increase protection with well-placed area rugs to guard against stains and heavy traffic.

The other benefits you’ll gain

You never have to sacrifice beautiful visuals when you opt for built-in stain protection. Even with added security, you'll find some of the most beautiful colors, textures, and designs in this flooring line.

You aren’t sacrificing softness either, as some carpet floors advertise the best protection and the softest underfoot experience. So, bring your needs and questions when you visit, and we'll take care of the rest.

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At Ted's Floor & Décor, we take pride in offering a wide range of products in our well-stocked inventory. In addition, our associates are ready to lend their years of experience to any remodel, regardless of size or considerations.

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