Waterproof and LVP in Sachse, TX from Ted's Floor & Decor

I love the farmhouse look-- can I get it in waterproof flooring

The farmhouse look is more than just a beautiful, trendy style. It's a look that makes a statement and is available in 100% waterproof luxury vinyl flooring.

These materials are perfect for any room of your home and keep you protected from water damage. But, of course, you'll want to know even more about what's available to you when you start shopping.

What is the farmhouse look?

The farmhouse look is a simple, rustic appearance that favors natural materials. The impressive realism of wood-look materials makes luxury vinyl flooring an obvious choice.

You'll find plenty of options in LVP flooring that give you the looks you need. And there are plenty of colors, patterns, and formats to create the specific look you want and need.

Waterproof materials and the benefits they offer

Having a wood look and complete protection from water damage is excellent. And it caters to both style and durability for all the best results.

You won't have to worry about spills, dampness, humidity, or moisture. And you'll get outstanding results day in and day out from luxury vinyl flooring.

Take time to find out more about your options

When you have specific visuals and benefits in mind, it's essential to browse the product line. Seeing your options in person is a great way to wind up with floors you'll love.

When you're ready to shop, share your needs and preferences. And we'll do our best to match each one.

Visit us for your waterproof flooring

At Ted's Floor & Decor, we provide LVP flooring to meet your needs. Our associates take great care in ensuring your perfect results for any size remodel.

Our service areas include Sachse, Garland, Wylie, Murphy, and Plano, TX. You can upgrade to waterproof and LVP when you visit our showroom in Sachse, TX, at any time.