Light tone hardwood flooring in a Wylie, TX bathroom

Hardwood flooring color makes all the difference

Taking the time to choose the right hardwood flooring color can make a world of difference in any room. Colors have the power to match décor and create ambiance and mood.

Some colors give the appearance of more space, while others make a room look smaller. Here’s more information about how color can change everything about your home.

Hardwood finishes that match your décor

When you already have a décor scheme in place, adding hardwood colors is a much easier task. You’ll want to match, complement, or contrast cabinetry, wall colors, furnishings, and window treatments.

Dark kitchen cabinets find a beautiful pairing with wood floors that offer contrasting floor colors, especially undertones that match the dark cabinet color. But you can use the same idea to pair flooring with any other feature in your home.

Add a cozy feel with your wood floors

If you have ample space that needs to feel a bit cozier, dark flooring is a fantastic choice to shrink the room visually. This shrinkage is perfect for private sitting rooms and home offices apart from the rest of the home.

If you love dark flooring but have a small room, use wider hardwood flooring planks or lots of bright, natural light. These features reduce the shrinking effects of the darker wood, so the room doesn't feel smothering.

Find the best hardwood flooring for your DFW home

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