Carpet stretching can help your floors last longer

Carpet stretching can help your floors last longer

Stretching is always a part of the carpet installation process, ensuring the materials are in place for a long and prosperous lifespan. But restretching can ensure that lifespan with excellent performance and stunning visuals as long as your floors are in place.

Over time, carpeting can loosen, and you may even begin to see waves or ripples on the surface of the flooring. Here are some facts that will help you know more about it and when restretching might be necessary.

When is restretching necessary?

A sure sign that your floors need restretching is the presence of ripples or waves on the surface of your carpet. These problems point toward a loosened or stretched-out material that can now become a tripping hazard.

If you don't see these signs but feel that your carpeting needs attention, our specialists can come to your home and assess the flooring. We have tests that will show us whether the floors need restretching, and we can proceed further if that’s the case.

Benefits of restretching

Attending to this need will increase the lifespan of your flooring because weak surface tension leads to flooring degradation. The longer you leave this need unmet, the more damage the carpet will take on until a replacement is necessary.

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