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Is synthetic better than natural carpet?

Whether synthetic carpet flooring is better than natural depends on your specific requirements. There may be benefits in one that meet those needs better than the other, which would be your best material.

Taking the time to learn more about each one can help you decide. And there are plenty of facts about each, so be sure to learn more while you can.

Synthetic fibers: what are they, and how do they benefit you?

Synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester are often the best for your busiest areas. Nylon resists wear and crushing, while polyester carpet flooring creates stunning color and visuals.

These floors offer stain and odor resistance built into the fibers themselves. And they offer the most extended lifespan when compared with other products.

Other synthetic options cater to different needs, so they're all worth your consideration. Take time to start with a list of your requirements and preferences.

Natural fibers can do so much for your home

Natural carpet fibers offer a more sustainable lifespan and outstanding features. In addition, they are safer around children and pets.

When choosing natural givers for your carpet installation, you're creating something unique. More breathable air quality is also a benefit of natural options.

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